The Vision

North East Fort Collins Can reach parity and set the standard for
A self-sufficient Community Through Collaboration and Connectivity

A connected, collaborative,


Vision of North East Fort Collins


Achieving Outcomes Side-By-Side

The best communities are more than just a place to sleep between work and play. They are vibrant reflections of the people who live there: a place to work, a place to play, a place to meet, a place to create, and a place to learn and grow.

When neighbors can access essential services (doctors, dentists, grocery stores, and libraries) + amenities (parks, trails, and activities), when neighbors can go to work or school or shop, when anything and everything the community needs is within a 15 minute trip, that community becomes self-sufficient.

What's required to get us there: coordination + cooperation between Larimer County officials and staff, City of Fort Collins officials and staff, development, and small business/economic partners.


Trails, Bike Lanes, and Sidewalks

Trails, sidewalks, and bike lanes aren't just nice to have - in America's most bike-friendly city, they're a necessity. To avoid the increasingly likely outcome of car-centric sprawl, we have to have an eye for the future and proactively connect trail networks and bike lanes in partnership with CDOT, the County, and the City. These alternative transit connectors cannot wait for development to occur - they are sorely needed now.

What's required to get us there: the City, County, State, and Poudre School District must partner and collaborate to proactively connect trails and bike lanes in North East Fort Collins, prioritizing safe routes to and from school and connective hubs across City and County boundaries.


Shared Responsibility

Every stakeholder needs to do their part to ensure that we live up to the vision of a more connected, collaborative North East Fort Collins. Programs like the Xeriscape Improvement Program need to cross utility provider boundaries for City residents. Communication to neighbors from adjacent responding agencies should be improved. Visibility on roadblocks and speedbumps to North East Fort Collins access to amenities and services needs to be prioritized.

What's required to get us there: Partners from the State of Colorado, Larimer County, City of Fort Collins, Poudre School District, and neighbors alike will need to roll up their sleeves to share resources, collaborate, and co-create this community together.

Action Items