The Issues

North East Fort Collins is a
distinctive area with distinctive problems

Residents of North East Fort Collins face unique challenges, some of which are informative of issues elsewhere in Fort Collins. By prioritizing solutions to connectivity and community issues early, we can help the entire City planning process.

Car traffic on Timberline + Vine, photo by Nick Armstrong

Severe Traffic

  • One main overtaxed thoroughfare for over 1,000 homes to reach the Elementary School and only local grocery store (Country Club Road)

  • Almost a decade before Conifer and Suniga connect through to Turnberry

  • One in-progress railroad-crossing-free route into Old Town

  • North East Fort Collins connectivity is not prioritized in the Fort Collins City Council budget for at least the next two cycles

Crescent Park, photo by Nick Armstrong

Car travel required

  • No bike-accessible schools, libraries, hospitals, healthcare services, or restaurants

  • The closest large community park is City Park

  • Only one completed neighborhood park North of Vine & East of Lemay (2 in-progress parks)

  • No bike-accessible grocery store or staple goods store/general shopping.

Bike travel along Country Club Road, videography by Steve Martin

Service Gaps

  • Missing sidewalks, bike lanes, bike trails, walking trails, and exposed power lines in many areas

  • No access to XIP grants. No homeowner rebates for water-saving features or xeriscaping

  • Isolated neighborhoods that receive minimal attention from elected officials

Semi Trucks on Country Club Road, photo by Nick Armstrong

Reduced Services

  • Police services diminished (fewer patrols, more vandalism)

  • No connection to the Poudre Trail or larger trail system

  • No parking services, must call FCPD

  • No public transportation options North of Vine

  • Limited cell phone connectivity

Take a virtual bike ride along
Country Club Road to Tavelli Elementary

If you care about these issues, or know about issues that we haven’t listed,
now is the time to get involved. We need your help.